How to get to the Coupure

By car

At the Highway get off at Brugge - Zeebrugge - St-Michiels. Follow direction St-Michiels - centrum and you will arrive at the back side of the station.

Drive straight on and keep the station at your right hand side, so you will see the front side of the train station.

Go straight on over the bridge and turn left at the traffic lights. You're now driving over Katelijnebridge, into Katelijnestraat.

Immediately over the bridge turn right. Now you go straight on untill you have to turn left (the other option is the canal), you are now in Coupure.

The number 22 is further in the street past Coupure bridge (dead-end for cars)..


Between 09:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. surface level parking in the city centre is limited in time (4 hours maximum) and is metered

(€ 1.80 for the first hour, € 2.40 for the second up to the fouth hour, in total € 9.00 for 4 hours).

Payment can be made either via sms, or using the app 4411, or making use of your bank card, or using cash money. In each of these cases, one has to register one’s correct licence plate number.

In front of our home there are parking facilities, keep the restricted parking periods in mind.

We propose to our guests parking in a private garage (please contact us for availability and reservation).

By bus

At the station take bus 6,16 or 88 and you will be dropped off at a few meters of the B&B. Ask the driver to give you a sign.

On foot

Cross the ring road across the station and take the foot path along the old fortifications. Follow this green belt straight on and you will get to Coupure in about 20 minutes.


Don't hesitate to call us: 0032 (0)477 33 76 79